Global Campus 21

International e-learning 
platform and network

Interface design for the international e-learning platform Global Campus 21 (GC21) and its associated social media platform. Both are run by Germany’s “Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit” which is active in realizing various projects in the field of development policy. At GC21, participants from all over the world can enroll and take part in courses, organize their activities, documents and events, research information and connect with each other.

What I did:
UI and webdesign based on an exsisting corporate design
In Cooperation with Thomas Glöwing of

This is a template for the social media portion of GC21. It allows users worldwide who work on similar projects to connect and exchange ideas.

Base design for the interface of the core functions of GC21. It allows users to access and manage courses they are enrolled in and gives them some networking functionality as well.