Real Estate

A selection of projects I have worked on over the years

During the last several years I have worked on several real estate projects, both commercial and residential. The scope of my work varies widely, it ranges from conceptual work to the implementation of specific items and spans all media from brochures, print colateral and signage to digital media.

These projects were realized in commission of the design and marketing agencies and

Project ”Waidmarkt“ combined retail, office and residential real estate at a prominent location of Cologne, Germany. It included a broad array of subprojects and materials, including web applications, trade fair materials and various brochures and flyers.

”Lindenpalais“ is a high end residential project that is now completed in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Cologne, Germany. The brochure reflects the project’s ambitions by its extraordinary make, featuring a three fold hard cover and finishing that includes reflective bronze fabric and silver embossing.

A selection of branding concept studies for residential and office projects. These studies were presented to clients and, according to feedback, further developed by the agency that commissioned me.